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Are the 2003 Bush tax cuts creating jobs?

Job growth in September indicates weak economy
Job growth was a weak 96,000 in September, some 50,000 short of the number of jobs needed to absorb the increase in working-age population and too small to actually lower unemployment (unless the labor force shrinks again, as it has the last two months). September's tepid job growth matches the average job growth of 103,000 over the June to August 2004 period and is far less than the 295,000 per month job spurt in March, April, and May. As discussed in the next section, current job growth is substandard by a reasonable set of benchmarks and far slower than what the Bush Administration said would follow as a result of its 2003 tax cuts.

Difference between actual and projected monthly job growth

Background documents
For technical background documents about assessing the employment impact of the Bush Administration's "Jobs and Growth Plan," visit the background documents archive.



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Are the 2003 Bush tax cuts creating jobs?

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